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Little Rock, AR real estate litigation firm represents your interests

The Arkansas real estate litigation team at The Henry Firm, P.A. knows that the purchase, sale and development of property do not always go smoothly. We represent buyers and sellers before, during and after times of dispute. Whether your property is residential or commercial, we advocate for you and protect your rights should litigation become necessary. This includes:

  • Landlord-tenant residential dispute
  • Landlord-tenant commercial dispute
  • Dispute within an ownership group
  • Dispute within a family over ownership
  • Recovery of nonpayment
  • Faulty construction
  • Breach of contract

Our Little Rock real estate team will always try to resolve a dispute in negotiations or mediation before litigation.

Quiet title litigation for disputed ownership

In Arkansas, quiet title litigation may become necessary if the ownership of a property is in legal dispute prior to purchase. This may apply particularly if the property was purchased at auction. Our goal in quiet title litigation is to clear the property title for you so your ownership will never be legally questioned. If a title action is not in dispute, we at The Henry Firm, P.A. can clear the title without litigation in a quiet title action.

Real estate litigation attorney protects your investment and your integrity

We don’t believe a dispute has to lead to litigation. In cases of landlord-tenant or title and ownership disputes among family members, we will mediate, negotiate and navigate to the best of our ability before turning to litigation as a last resort. Families are important to us, and protecting relationships is part of lawyering with integrity.

Owning property can be a dream or a nightmare

The Henry Firm, P.A., home of your Little Rock real estate attorney, is here to help you when a situation gets out of your control. Being a landlord can be profitable, but when you are on a fixed income (such as retirement), you are financially vulnerable if your tenants fall behind in their rent. Our Arkansas real estate legal team assists you in collecting back payment and guides you through eviction proceedings.

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