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Since the time of the Louisiana Purchase, property boundaries in Arkansas have been in dispute. There is a complex system of law in place to help landowners delineate property lines when ownership is not clear. At The Henry Firm, P.A., we advocate for you and protect your rights and your investment as a landowner.

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In addition to property line disputes, there are a number of legal issues you may encounter concerning boundaries:

  • Adverse possession
  • Boundary by acquiescence
  • Construction by abutters
  • Permits issued or denied
  • Setback dispute

Adverse possession refers to instances in which a nonowner may have used a property for a long period of time, paid taxes on that property, maintained that property or built over an original property line into your land.

Boundary by acquiescence allows two parties to agree on the property line when the division of the properties is clear and defined.

If your neighbors are building or expanding or you wish to build or expand on your own property, we will ensure that all abutters meet minimum lot width and maximum building height restrictions. In the case of a dispute, we will pursue your rights. Our knowledgeable real estate litigation team will advocate for you and your property rights.

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No one wants to be a bad neighbor. At The Henry Firm, P.A., we know that property lines are sometimes in dispute. Every state has its own laws regarding property lines and boundaries. Our Little Rock real estate professionals understand the law and how it might specifically apply to your unique situation. We will uphold the law and protect your rights.

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