Little Rock, AR Real Estate Attorney Provides a Breadth of Legal Services

Law firm that’s here for you before, during & after real estate acquisition or construction

Little Rock real estate attorneys should be prepared to provide all types of clients with a wide range of services. The Henry Firm, P.A. offers legal services related to private and commercial real estate. We represent landowners, developers, homeowners and contractors. We fight for what is fair, not just for the big guy. There are many areas of real estate law that may require negotiation or litigation:

  • Quiet title action — For a flat fee, we can clear your property title of any past dispute so that you can own property with peace of mind, knowing that your ownership cannot be questioned.
  • Title and ownership transfer — We can transfer property into your name, either among family members or from outside sources.
  • Initial permits for development — We can arrange these for private homes, contractors or commercial developers.
  • Request for variance, permits and appeals — We are here for you when unexpected changes arise.
  • Filing for permits to subdivide — We can follow through to meet your property needs.
  • Obtaining wetlands or conservation land permits or variance — We will represent your interests before the necessary committees and present legal support for your request.
  • Mediating development disputes — We have significant experience working through issues that may arise between you and your builders or contractors.
  • Government request for use of land for sewer, road or utilities — We represent your interests so your land does not become devalued due to governmental infrastructure.
  • Contract disputes and negotiations — We can represent your interests in the event your project develops legal conflicts.
  • Easement and boundary disputes — We can negotiate with abutters.

Attorney Matthew Henry has years of experience in Arkansas real estate litigation. At The Henry Firm, P.A., we can help with all of your business, commercial or private property real estate litigation needs.

Zoning and land use litigation

There may be times when you are not able to settle a dispute with an abutter, a contractor or a commercial real estate developer and you need real estate attorneys to help you sort out your disputes. Matthew Henry will mediate your land disputes, and when necessary employ litigation. At The Henry Firm, P.A., we are committed to getting a fair deal for you in any private or commercial real estate transaction or dispute.

Call for a dedicated team of Little Rock real estate professionals

Owning and developing land involves many legal issues. We can help you navigate the legal swamp without compromising your integrity. If you have a legal issue related to real estate, call a lawyer. If you want a real estate lawyer who values your time, call The Henry Firm, P.A. at 866-473-9396 or contact us online.