Knowledgeable Little Rock Probate Attorney Cares for You in Times of Need

Arkansas probate attorney takes care of wills, estates and trusts

The death of a loved one is a stressful time. When you are grieving, you may not have the desire or resources to manage the legal details associated with probate court, including wills, estates and trusts. In Arkansas you can add transfer-on-death or payable-on-death designations to your securities registration, real estate deeds, vehicle registration and bank accounts. These designations allow you to control these articles while alive, but provide for a probate-court-free transfer after death. At The Henry Firm, P.A., our probate professionals can help you draft these and other probate-related documents.

Probate attorney works with you to create a plan that eases your estate through probate court

Probate law involves an often messy legal process including:

  • Reviewing a will to determine its validity
  • Appointing an administrator
  • Distributing bequests and paying debts

The probate process in Arkansas can be very complex and can be drawn out over months or even years. To avoid the stress of extended probate proceedings, it is a good idea to hire a probate attorney.

At The Henry Firm, P.A., we can help you plan for your own future by drawing up wills and planning your estate to avoid unnecessary taxation, leaving your affairs in order.

Under Arkansas law, you can draft a living trust to help your loved ones avoid probate court. Almost any asset can be protected by a living trust, including property, cars and bank accounts. Once you draw up a trust document and name yourself as trustee of the trust, you can name anyone to take over as trustee after your death.

Little Rock probate attorneys help you put your affairs in order

Unfortunately, many people do not plan for their own passing, thereby leaving a tangled mess of taxes and legal issues behind. Arkansas probate attorneys are proficient in planning your will, estate and trusts. Little Rock wills and trusts attorney Matthew Henry can help you appoint an executor and assign beneficiaries for your estate long before it becomes necessary. Our probate team cares about your family, and we can help you avoid strife by planning ahead.

Whether you are a beneficiary, a trustee or planning your own estate, call The Henry Firm, P.A. for all your probate needs in Arkansas

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