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In construction law, a contract is an agreement between two parties, one who provides a service or performs a specific job and another who pays for that service. The professionals at The Henry Firm, P.A. realize from experience that construction contracts in Arkansas are not always this simple. Many legal battles may be avoided with proper contract drafting. We are prepared to guide you through every step of contract formation for your construction or other business project.

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At The Henry Firm, P.A., we take the business of Arkansas contract formation seriously. We recognize the importance of your construction project or business. We strive to avoid future litigation by creating contracts that are legally sound and meet the highest standards. There are a number of basic elements of contract formation, including:

  • Both parties must be legally competent — In legal terms, both entities of the contract must be aware of the terms and mentally capable of understanding them.
  • Proposal and acceptance — A proposal only becomes a contract once the second party has accepted it.
  • Voluntary consent — No one can be forced into agreeing to a legal contract.

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There are a number of pertinent issues that we recommend including in your construction contract:

  • Total project cost
  • Payment method and schedule
  • Time frame for completion
  • Late fees
  • A penalty structure for failure to complete all or part of the contract as described

Little Rock construction law attorneys in this field  should be skilled in all aspects of construction law and other contractual business, and they should make sure you understand everything your partnership entails. Our dedicated contract specialists at The Henry Firm, P.A. will advise you at every step of contract formation, so you know exactly the contents of your contract and what to expect at each stage of construction.

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At The Henry Firm, P.A., we can assist you with all of your contract needs, reducing the chance that something will be misinterpreted, misrepresented or misunderstood in the future. Call us 866-473-9396 for a consultation if you want a contract attorney with integrity, or contact us online.