Little Rock Construction Law Attorney Helps Clear the Way for Your Projects

Attorney Matthew Henry knows Arkansas construction law

Many legal issues are involved in construction, both with new building and renovation. Whether you are a commercial builder in need of building contracts or a homeowner in need of home improvement permits, our law firm can help you. Our Arkansas real estate team of professionals at The Henry Firm, P.A. is well-versed in construction law and will help your project go smoothly.

If you are a builder, commercial contractor or developer, you may need legal help

Land development is typically complicated by construction disputes. At The Henry Firm, P.A., we protect your legal rights. If you have provided labor, materials or design for a property and the property owner has refused to pay you, we can help recover your payment with a construction lien. In some cases, even if the property owner is not satisfied with your work, you may still recover payment if you satisfied your part of the contract. We will fight for your right to be paid.

If you are a private homeowner, you may need our legal help

The construction contract team at our law firm will help you navigate Arkansas contract formation, claims against you or any legal issue regarding the building of your home. You may need help with:

  • Environmental concerns
  • Issues with easements or utilities
  • Nonusable land
  • Hidden property defects
  • Construction flaws

If you are dissatisfied with the construction or renovation of your home, attorney Matthew Henry at The Henry Firm, P.A., will represent your interests and protect your investment. Arkansas construction law dates back to the founding of the nation. In recent years, legislators have been working to modify construction lien laws to better protect individual homeowners. If you are a homeowner with a construction action against you, we can help.

When you need an Arkansas construction lawyer, contact the Little Rock office of The Henry Firm, P.A.

Call us for a consultation on your building issue or dispute. Whether you are a homeowner or commercial builder, we know your legal rights and will advocate for you. Call The Henry Firm, P.A. 866-473-9396 or contact us online if you want a lawyer with integrity.