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By law, parents are granted certain rights with regard to raising their children. In most cases, the parents are also the legal guardians for their children. In general terms, parents can determine where their children live, what type of religious upbringing they experience, how they are educated and how their physical, medical and dental needs are met.

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At The Henry Firm, P.A., our parental rights and guardianship team appreciates your need to know your rights. There are times when a parent or guardian may need legal advice, particularly when:

  • Your parental rights have been terminated due to incarceration
  • Your parental rights have been terminated due to neglect or nonsupport
  • You have consented to an adoption
  • You are a custodial grandparent considering adoption or guardianship
  • You are involved in a divorce

Stepparents do not automatically have legal rights. But as a stepparent in Arkansas, you may have the right to adopt your stepchildren. We can help you if you are considering stepparent adoption in Arkansas.

Little Rock grandparents can be granted legal guardianship

While recent Arkansas case law suggests that the grandchild-grandparent relationship isn't as close as most thought — requiring a substantial relationship with the child before the courts will force an estranged grandparent's visitation rights on a parent — the courts will nevertheless grant grandparents guardianship rights over the children when a parent is incapacitated, unavailable or unsafe.

In some circumstances, and typically when it is in the child's best interests, grandparents may also demand:

  • Visitation rights — This is particularly possible when there is evidence of a substantial relationship.
  • Fixed visitation schedules — Courts may be more inclined toward granting this if the grandchild has been living with the grandparent for an extended period of time.
  • Conservatorship — A guardian is appointed to make basic life choices for the grandchild, such as financial decisions.

We help grandparents seeking custody or legal guardianship of their grandchildren. Our team knows that families in crisis and transition need emotional care in addition to legal counsel.

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If your parental rights have been questioned, compromised or revoked, attorney Matthew Henry of The Henry Firm, P.A. can help you. Whether you have voluntarily given up your rights, as in adoption cases, or you are divorcing and seeking to clarify your custodial rights, the professionals at The Henry Firm, P.A. can advise you and make certain you know the extent of your parental rights.

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